Don’t Miss On Overall Health By Skipping On Oral Health


This is the best time to make an appointment with your oral health care provider as there are many Winnipeg dentists accepting new patients. Regular dental checkups and procedures are very important to help preserve your smile and maintain general overall health.

When to visit a Dentist?

You should definitely visit a dentist if you are feeling any anomaly with your teeth and gums. Even the slightest of pain can escalate into brain numbing, nerve racking suffering within hours.
Every Dental Association advises a visit to an oral health care provider at least twice a year. In oral care you would find that prevention is always better than cure.

Why visit a Dentist?

Just because you do not feel any discomfort or soreness in your gums right now, does not mean that your oral health is great. Many times cavities work from within and when left untreated lead to severe nerve damage around your teeth. A procedure which normally takes about 10 minutes extends to hours involving tooth extraction, root canals and other similar treatments.

It is very important that you visit a dentist regularly and also maintain good oral hygiene in between. Apart from avoiding decay, regular visits to your dentist will also help you maintain your smile. A fine set of pearly teeth goes a long way in generating confidence in a number of situations.

What to expect at the Dentist?

With advancement in technology, oral healthcare has become efficient and to an extent painless. At a regular check-up your dentist will

  • Examine your teeth and gums thoroughly
  • Inquire about your general lifestyle involving diet, smoking, teeth cleaning habits etc. He would also advise you on the best way to maintain your oral health.
  • Inquire about any problems, discomfort, pain which you might have in your gums.
  • Discuss any issues found such as a cavity and chart a dental treatment plan to fix it.
  • There is no need to fear a Dentist visit anymore. Your mouth reveals a lot about your health. A healthy mouth is the key to a healthy and happy lifestyle.