Drug Rehab Centers In Canada Vary


Drug rehab centers in Canada operate much in the same way that others in North America operate. There is a basic structure that is followed. It begins with detoxification, then rehabilitation or therapy is the next step which is followed up with aftercare. This is just a basic outline of treatment. The specifics and duration is determined by the patient needing the treatment. People are unique therefore every patient will have some unique needs that must be addressed. No one generic method of rehabilitation works for everyone.

The first step in treatment is the detoxification process. To begin recovery the body must first be cleansed of the substance that is being abused. This is often a very dangerous process. Medical monitoring is needed and often medications are administered to make this process easier for the patient with less risk. The exact detoxification process is determined by the drug that was abused and the duration and severity of the addiction. Again, it is impossible to have a generic method of detoxification as each patient and substance abused calls for a different protocol.

Once the body no longer has a physical need for the drug that was abused the therapy or actual rehabilitation can occur. During this step of the process the patient discovers the underlying reason for the substance abuse. Often a patient is self medicating with drugs in order to mask either trauma or mental issues. Once the patient discovers the real cause of the addiction they can then understand how to deal with the real cause without substance abuse. In some cases this can just entail learning coping skills to deal with past trauma. In other cases, where mental health issues are involved, proper medications are prescribed that address the exact mental condition.

The final step of aftercare is one of the most important. This entails providing the patient with a support group and suitable living conditions after leaving rehab. The continuing therapy and support is crucial in preventing a patient from relapsing. Again, this needs to be customized to the patients needs.

Rehabilitation from substance abuse is not easy. There is not one clear set method or length of time it takes to recover.